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N95 - Battery Life

I wrote my post last night on the N95 before checking up what others say. A link by Aaron today and my general desire to get back blogging requires some discipline and watching on my part. So I learn that Ken wasn't all that impressed (another noting a battery-life). Phoneboy provides some suggestions for picking up maps and oh no slams the battery too. I also re-checked out whatAlec "> Alec had to say. I think he is an enamored with it as I am (although I bet he has gone back to his Blackberry). Battery life again raises it ugly head.

This is a list of top Nokia N95 Tips. I'd add use your ShureHeadphones with it. I have a set of I3C's which plug in neatly and they make all the difference. They may not be noise canceling but the foam plugs mean I don't hear anything much on planes, and on or off they they require a lot less volume than the standard headphones which enable you to split the Nokia mic and go hard wired. I tossed all the wires back in the box. It's bluetooth or decent earphones for music..

I think I can live with the batterylife. It's the WiFi and constant Truphone connection in the home that is just eating the battery. Today after an hour on Truphone the battery charged over night was dead by lunchtime. A bigger battery should be a rush upgrade at Nokia. Double the size of it. I don't mind the extra weight. Provide a new back plate with it. Urgent!

Ken mentioned loading Gizmo onto it. I went back to GizmoVoip and it wasn't obvious to me how to. I did use Gizmo on occasion on the N80. I've just learned with experience that the Truphone codec is more efficient in low bandwidth environment and thus more reliable. I've also become aware of Wifimobile although the charging structure wasn't that clear to me. I already have enough free VoIP lines that another isn't that attractive and they also offer SIP to SIP for free. If there is a rate plan it is buried somewhere on their site.

I added Jaiku onto the N95. I like it more that Twitter for potential. I will write more about that separately. I'm also going to add Fring again. There is at least another week of playing with it.

Now to just get to the N800 on my desk which to me looks like the best alarm clock and desk calendar ever. More seriously I've not yet had the time to really try it out. It's intriguing although I'm not sure I need it yet. I have some ideas what I want it to do; yet that can wait for another post.

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i want to install GPS in my phone. thanks.

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