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Research and Relationships - Supernova2007

I really liked what Ellen Konar from Google had to say about their process for gathering and gaining customer insights. I've left rough notes below. My challenge for this group was simple: Why is your research not public? Why can't your users do your research for you? I got some push back from Microsoft on this one. One nice lesson was... It is good practice to feedback research results to those you ask even if they didn't participate the first time. I'd agree.

Ellen from Google - driving customer insights... letting customers define products let them provide verbal and behavioral feedback. on the research side the job is both easier and harder.... lot less time eliciting opinions.. because it is a lot less available... you don't get to screen out the noise... you have to create it out of the data that exists ... how do you protect signal vs noise... as a recipient of data it is much more fulfilling.. you have piece of the customer pie doing the action.. it is not hypothetical... is from the real customer base. .... Google is run like a peer to peer network.. there is no structure by which information flows. the info is just available. If you depend on organic communications.. the stuff that at least looks like insights travels. ... we have dashboards all over the place... daily metrics on... the unusual part is not editing, it is not summarizing or dumbing things down. it is about extracting. See the Book "Made to stick".. (Mitch R: is it a social function that needs to be institutionalized. People must have alerts on)... and they do that with great effectiveness... (see Google friends)

Consider the skills and talents you have to hire... when went looking for the skills i needed ... much more on quantitative skills... linguistic skills visualization skills and conceptual skills... we are competing with a lot of other career options. is a tough road for market research today. Too many don't have these quantitative skills.. and mapping skills.... Who can spot a story may be most important and can take a point of view on it!.

Mitch Ratcliffe has more details on this session here.

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