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Facebook Gets Answers

I've been using the Facebook application "Ask your Friends a Question". Today it must have had some visibility in news feed as I received many additions. It's neat and I'd like to thank all those that have answered. There's real power in Facebook,s connectivity. I'm not sure we really know how to harness it yet. Still I couldn't be learning with a better group of friends and colleagues anywhere. Note most recent at the top; however answers have been flowing in for six weeks. They are not dated. Some may have changed their mind or now have a different opinion. So this is more like an indicator... and the answers may be evolving.

Stuart asks...
How do you feel about Facebook today?

John Hammink:
MMM...I wish it had functionality to embed code widgets so I could stream my songs and videos....for me, I express myself better these ways than with short blog posts. Still using linkedIn and other networks and have no plans to quit.

Howard H. Thaw:
From a personal perspective, it's a great way to stay connected with our children as they travel around the world. From a business perspective, more and more of my contacts are migrating from linkedin to facebook - and the newsfeeds are entertaining.

Jim Courtney:
By keeping it to people I know via some other connection, it has more value. Still questioning as to whether it would be a "must have" servoce.

Neville Hobson:
Paying more attention to it than any other social network.

Lee Bryant:

Martin Geddes:
A lot of invites (which you can't bulk approve and the relationship classification never matches the complexity of reality). Hard to know what the value is.

Andy Abramson:
I like it, but it's getting overwhelming with all the people I don't know wanting to know me.

Jack Vinson:
I still haven't figured out the whole magilla here. I like this way of collecting my online world, but there seems to be too many rabbit tracks to follow.

Robert Mao:
it's nice...

Ross Dawson:
I started with the impression that is was quite straight and limiting, though now that it's opened up it could go in all sorts of interesting directions...

Jack Vinson:
exploring, not really wanting another landing page

Ken Camp:
I'm growing more impressed with it daily. It compliments Jaiku nicely for me.

Dina Mehta:
I love facebook because it lets me see so many facets of a friend all in one space!

Rob Paterson:
As nearly a senior - relationships have become more important to me - I like the effortless way I am being reconnected to people that I like a lot

Alec Saunders:
I think facebook platform rocks! Think about it... this little app duplicates the core capability of LinkedIn answers.

Tris Hussey:
Exploring and interested how this might become a connector

Euan Semple:
I reckon Ken's comment could be applied to life!

Andrew Hansen:
I love the fact I am connecting with old friends daily.

Phil Wolff:
excited! so busy and not all empty fluff

Gabe Wachob:
I am torn because its a huge silo, but its a very interesting extensible silo!

Ken Camp:
Ambivalent. I like some facets, but am dubious about the propensity for "evil"

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Comments (2)

Stuart, found this post exploring the space between your blog and Facebook. Echoing your take that:

"There's real power in Facebook's connectivity. I'm not sure we really know how to harness it yet."

Curious a month on from this post date if you have an update on where the power in Facebook lies and how it is best harnessed?

I understand Skype and it's failure has been a preoccupation in between.

Stuart [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi Jenny,
It's still not there yet. The facebook tool bar and the bubble updates are most meaningful for me on a day to day basis. I'm not using the notes etc like I should perhaps; then I have other systems for doing those things. In many ways Jaiku does a better job of aggregating me but misses out in other ways.

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