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Facebook Profiles

I hope this isn't true! Structuring profiles eg (business or professional vs personal) is so limiting and isn't representative of the flow that exists between different relationships. If elements of a profile are to be limited then the controls must be much more precise. To go from one to two profiles leaves me with the same problem. Are they both on... is one on, are they both off. Profiles are outputs of how we group and tag information... and then grant access to it.

This issue is another facet of Stowe's message re groupings. You must enable it so I can assign more than one tag. Group Tags may have different access to different information. If you are a member of more than one group you may have access to more or less profile information. Eg you can be my Friend and my Colleague.  This may also relate to time of day, my state (what I'm doing) and how I perceive my relationship with you. In reality we can't manage every piece of information on a per user / per relationship basic. However, we should also remember that just because we make it available... others may choose not to subscribe.

Laughing at Facebook’s “older” users « Scobleizer

IBM has about 20,000 employees on Facebook. We’ve explored how that can be used for internal communications/engagement objectives, and have discovered that there’s real potential - though many prefer to keep their “personal” and “professional” lives separate (I call it the “do I want my boss to see me in my bathing suit?” problem.) If Facebook can solve this - and the reports from last week that they’re developing a way for users to have dual profiles suggests they’re trying - FB’s value for networking will increase considerably.
Where Facebook can really innovate is in the controls area. Tags should also have controls that determine what's shared, how long, privacy, expiry, etc.

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