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Stalked by your Mobile

Jeremy writes an excellent post on Jaiku's purchase by Google. Stowe noted it's ramifications for telephony and others being blindsided (I agree with this and Google is being underestimated). Aswath takes another angle in referring to OAuth. Identity is certainly in the mix. I'll only be happy when it is under my control; networked, searched or not...

loose wire blog: Google Jaiku: It's About Mobility

All this information outlined above would be available to Google, to let them fire ads at us. For the first time, as far as I know, an advertising company not only has access to what we're doing (our presence message), they have access to where we're doing it (the cell ID etc), what we're doing next (the calendar), how long we'll be doing it for (the duration of the event), whether we're focused on something else (indication of whether we're on a call), as well as the usual preferences we may have registered in our profile (gender, age, interests, etc.)

The point here is that Jaiku is one of the first of such tools to shift the social web to the mobile social web......... But perhaps now is the time to ponder just how much personal information we either consciously or unconsciously hand over when we use them, and how comfortable we are about it.

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