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November 2, 2006

FireFox & ClearType

I downloaded IE7 loaded a page and had an immediate "whoa" moment. I compared IE7 to Firefox and in IE7 the text all rendered in a far superior fashion. I couldn't believe it. The visual impact was as obvious to me as the first call made on Skype with it's added clarity. For about 30 minutes they had me.

Then I asked a couple of questions. There's plenty of comparison pictures on the web already. The difference was "ClearType" and it turns out that I've not had it enabled on my laptop. It's easy to turn on via your desktop property setting for appearance / advanced. So "whew" I don't have to abondon my Firefox which is better than ever with 2.0. Gizmodo provides the review below. It's balanced and Firefox with all the new bookmark extentions, permancing etc. will keep my loyalty.

Frankenfight: IE7 Vs. Firefox 2 - Gizmodo

In one corner we have Internet Explorer 7. After 18 months of development and a shiny new set of tabs, he's in top shape and looking better than his predecessor ever did. That is, before he entered the ring with Firefox 2.0. Now he's just a cripple with fancy RSS reading.

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November 4, 2006

Orkut and GTalk Married Up

No surprises for me here. I've  been an advocate of merging SNS with real-time voice communications. We're finally at that stage with Google apparently ready to blend Orkut with GTalk. Orkut's on fire in India, and Brazil... thought at one time they owned it. Other pointer? Well just see the Match / Jangl announcement for MatchTalk also in Forbes below. It is still very early days. These new marriages will create some new problems --- we will want solutions for.

Orkut members will be able to text message and voice chat with other members of the community if they choose to communicate in that way. Google believes the new functions might add a sense of immediacy to member interaction on the social networking site. A Google spokeswoman says some of the functionality of the Orkut site will be built into the free standing GTalk client. Orkut "friends" (and their "presence" status and information) will show up on GTalk users' buddy lists. Light Reading

The system protects privacy by assigning the couple a unique number that they can use to talk to each other without fear of giving away their real telephone number or other personal details. People with caller ID will see the matchTalk number instead of their actual listing. Forbes.com

November 5, 2006

Wikipedia and the Qutub Minar

Sometimes I forget that information is at my fingertips. Yesterday we were at Qutub Minar a world heritage site in Delhi India. It's the largest all brick minaret in the world. Construction started in 1193 and was finished in 1368. Thus like the cathedrals in Europe it was clearly a multi-generational project. It's impressive and worth an hour + to visit if you are here.

I've been driving by Qutub Minar on many travels in and out of Delhi so it was already familiar. Like many sites I read up on them quickly in the Lonely Planet India Guide. I should have just pulled out my phone and dialed up Wikipedia on the data connection while there. It's much more comprehensive!

Here's a shot and there are many more in the India collection on Flickr tagged Qutub Minar. The weather in Delhi is generally "smokey" which is polluted at the moment. Yesterday afternoon it seemed to clear up a little.


Not bad for a cameraphone!

November 6, 2006

Widsets Beta - Very Cool

Widsets Beta. A Flashlite Mobile Application for accessing infromation on the move. Thanks to the S60 Tips.com Many of the links and buzz are on the Widset site If you have a Nokia N80, E61 etc. try it out. You can also roll your own Widgets for your own site. See Unbound Spiral

Alternatively, simply add it to your blog....

    Add to my Widsets

See also Mobile 2.0: Nokia launches WidSets and this post announcement from Nokia

November 7, 2006

Mobility and Talk

Peter Coffee writes about his latest observations on mobility, voice and accessing the web. A few statistic find there way in. One observation I'd make about the "college" kid responses. I doubt many of them in America actually buy their phones. Plus the carrier discounts (as noted) really screw around with perceptions of value. I'm not sure I agree with his conclusion that "people would rather talk than type". I believe that is dependent on the relationship, what you are doing at that moment etc.  It's why the next generation of mobile apps will help you manage your accessibility and become even more important when call costs go to zero. I found it worth the read.

Anderson's study finds the next generation of workplace communicators predisposed to talk from anywhere at any time: Only two of the sample of 187 surveyed students did not have a cell phone. A third of the respondents consider their cell phone to be a reflection of their personality, making a statement about their technical savvy, their sense of style and their practicality.

When apparent preference for voice is combined with the rapidly falling cost and improving quality of wireless access to Web resources, we're looking at a rich and (we may hope) effective environment for sharing facts, assigning responsibilities, and building both professional and social relationships.   
e-Week Don't Typecast Talk Tools

November 9, 2006

Skype 3.0 Dev Notes - Call Transfer 3.5

Skype 3.0 Dev Notes including one element I advocated and requested many times over. Call Transfer is finally here in the Skype3.0 API. That's a big deal and will grow Skype's appeal with developers who now have all sorts of call routing options. At a meeting in Estonia just over a year ago (that happened as the eBay sale was going through) a group long term adovacates put the case for it. I'm very pleased to see it has finally happened. I'll have some other comments on Skype 3.0 although I want to share them in a broader competitive context. My buddies at Skype Journal are writing plenty on the new public chat feature. See Phil and Jim.

See Alec's comment. Skype Dev Zone (lots re extras), Antoine's Dev blog

Skype 3.0 introduces the long-awaited interface to enable call transfer. Call transfer is being phased in over two releases, and won’t be exposed to users until the 3.5 release. The reason for this phased release is to ensure substantial penetration of Skype 3.0 among users, because call transfer requires that all parties are running Skype 3.0 or higher. Our goal is to enable you to start building and testing great new apps now which will be ready to blow peoples’ minds away when we release 3.5 next year. No more playing catch up with the client!

With the call transfer API, users can transfer calls to other users, and all parties receive status updates so they know the call is being transferred. Users can transfer calls to individual users or to a group. When a user transfers a call to a group, the first user to pick up takes the call.
  Skype Developer Zone Blog

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November 10, 2006

Tech Crunch on Communcation Platforms

While we are on Skype don't miss this TechCrunch post. Important to understanding the changing competitive landscape. TechCrunch UK » Blog Archive » Skype 3.0 (beta) starts the communication platform wars.

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Twitter - Broadcast Presence Info via SMS

For a one trick pony Twitter is pretty neat. In Twitter you get a glimpse for the future of presence.

Ever find yourself alone in a room thinking something fun must be going on, if only you knew what? Well, Twitter is here to help. It’s a free website that helps you and your friends keep track of who’s doing what where at any given time. You can update your current activity from anywhere using your mobile phone, and your friends can subscribe to these updates on theirs.  Michael Anuzis » Get Closer with Your Friends

This is Powazek: "Twitter lets me SMS to a group all at once and creates a handy 'what I'm up to right now' insert for my site. A kind of in-situ, realtime, status message blogging. Fun!" 
  Twitter Blog: August 2006

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