Spiral Bound

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Spiral Bound: Bricklin on the Innovator's Solution

October 19, 2003

Bricklin on the Innovator's Solution

Equating blogging to CB radio was meant as a put-down. Using some of the book's thinking, you could ask: "What were the 'jobs' people 'hired' CB radio to do?" It may have been to talk with their "buddies" when they had some free time, such as when driving, and for "safety" like calling for help, or organizing among each other, such as when avoiding speed traps or deciding where to eat. The "job" wasn't to become a mini-FM or AM radio personality. Personal radio technology grew up from "not-good-enough" for the mass market to "good enough" and we got to talk to our real buddies wherever they were with cell phones, a huge success by almost any measure. (Notice that Motorola has continued to be a major player in personal radios and base-stations as it had been since the 1930's. By my reading of the theory, this is to be expected because cellular technology was a sustaining innovation for them, not disruptive.) Starting October 8, 2003
Posted by Stuart, October 19, 2003 10:22 PM
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