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Spiral Bound: Seb: RSS and Audio

December 11, 2003

Seb: RSS and Audio

I have a colleague who's going to love this. Alf has partnered with RJ at Audioscrobbler.com to enable people to automagically obtain R(DF)SS feeds of whatever music goes through their player. Using a RSS-to-HTML device like feedroll, letting others know what you've been listening to recently on your weblog becomes a snap.

The view from 10,000 feet is even more promising. All of Audioscrobbler's data is published under the Creative Commons licence, and so are the user feeds. Which enables clever people to build crawlers ("Musicrati"?) and devise algorithms that exploit the distributed database and add value, for instance by matching participants' listening profiles ( la blogmatcher) or by building new playlists out of the raw materials.
Seb's Open Research

Posted by Stuart, December 11, 2003 1:17 PM
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