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Spiral Bound: Jon Lebkowsky On Wireless Futures

January 20, 2004

Jon Lebkowsky On Wireless Futures

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here

We learned several "worldchanging" lessons as we developed the report:
There are several wireless technologies at various levels of maturity; none will become the platform for the wireless future. Hybrid solutions will evolve; devices will handle multiple protocols as needed according to their use.
Though wireless will always be relevant technology for computers and pdas, we will also see a proliferation of task-specific wireless devices.
Wireless-specific digital media will be a significant part of the sector, especially for Austin, which is already a hub for games, music, and film.
There will be continued development of free wireless hotspots, and certain kinds of venues (such as coffee shops) will be at a competitive disadvantage if they don't offer free WiFi. However users will also work with paid service providers to ensure connectivity and quality of service. Free and fee models will coexist and have complementary aspects.
Wireless access will be a low-cost commodity. Access providers will focus more on value-add services for revenues. This reverses the traditional ISP model, where users paid a fee for access bundled with free services.
Wireless will be pervasive; you'll have access to everyone you know and all the world's knowledge in the palm of your hand. We'll all be surfing the network effect. Our cars will be LANS, the streets%2

Posted by Stuart, January 20, 2004 7:23 PM
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