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Spiral Bound: Gary Brighton on Business Blogging

February 11, 2004

Gary Brighton on Business Blogging

I just did a review for the marketing agency I am consulting for on great examples of marketing-orientated sites that agencies should use as benchmarks for their own blogs. Here are my favorites;
Jupiter Individual analysts highbrow thoughts and views
Seth Godin Marketing gurus rants and raves
Brand mantra Consultant's view on branding. And she looks pretty hot too.
Coudal's Fresh Signals Creating writings from agency staff
Customer Evangelists Blogs based on book & seminars
Dana's Blog Popular personal blog focused on sales/ marketing
Executive Summary Consultant creating himself as a thought leader
Corantes Idea Flow Discussion forum from news provider
Marketing Profs.com Content around consultancy offering
Red Door Interactive - Intelligence and links by categories

How not to do it:

Cheskin Not up to date, why bother?
The Great Team (Realtors) – Any posts related to real estate?

Guy Brighton
Posted by Stuart, February 11, 2004 10:38 PM
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