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Spiral Bound: Matt Mower on Permission Posting

February 11, 2004

Matt Mower on Permission Posting

Just a couple of follow-on thoughts...

  1. If a feed is copyright, does that mean an aggregator should not collect it? Is this reproducing the work? (How is it different, for example, from downloading pirated software?)
  2. What does it say when an author asserts copyright of material, but publishes it in an RSS feed? The Creative Commons licenses grant rights to the recipient. Copyright (AFAIK) does not.
  3. Does it matter what type of aggregator it is? For example K-Collector aggregates in a different way (and for a different purpose) to, for example, Radio Userland or NetNewsWire.
  4. If it aggregates a feed, should it prevent you from re-posting aggregated content? In Radio this is very easy, I can click a button on a post in the aggregator to use it as the basis for a post to my own weblog. If an item is copyright should it stop me doing that?

I think this draws us awfully close to the kinds of things Ted Nelson was thinking about when he outlined his vision for transclusion based publishing. I can almost envisage a system where, when I press the post button on a copyright item, my aggregator goes off to check with the original authors system for permission to publish. You could imagine using the data from a social network to decide who can republish your content with your permission.

[Curiouser and curiouser!]
Posted by Stuart, February 11, 2004 10:49 PM
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