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Spiral Bound: Phil Wolff Counting Pictures

May 19, 2004

Phil Wolff Counting Pictures

From yatta at Unmediated:

eytan_adar_figure_2Reiter's Camera Phone Report covers a study by an HP researcher indicating that the longer people have their moblogs, the few photos they transmit. While most users post about 14 pics during the first week of their moblog, the number drops to four photos a week within a month.

"We can hypothesize that this may be related to design of the moblogging services, or to issues with the actual device. For the service providers such results should be indicate the need for better incentives for the posting of content.

"While bad resolution and image quality may diminish the desire to share an image, another major issue is the large number of key presses from the time a picture is taken to the posting. Users may be unwilling to deal with the hassle of the interface beyond the first few pictures."

Reiter's also notes that Adar will be discussing his findings during the 13th annual World Wide Web conference in New York, May 17 - 22.

Sometimes it seems as if the widespread adoption of a tool has a lot less to do with features and a lot more to do with minimizing the friction you go through to complete a task. Blog-type tools have been around for close to a decade. But someone had to remove all of the non-functional chrome, dialogues, and keystrokes to open up its use. All of this is magnified once you try to run this stuff from a 2 inch display.

Posted by Stuart, May 19, 2004 9:13 AM
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