This Blog’s History & POV

When I started blogging here at in 2002 I called my blog Unbound Spiral. Despite dropping the Unbound Spiral moniker in 2007 when I moved to WordPress I’vet reinstated it, for it was then and now core to my beliefs.

The name represented fragments, really unbound, early stage thinking that may just spiral. I wrote then that:

It’s a current journey and ongoing discovery. I’m really hoping for feedback, good questions and opportunities to try things out. I tend to explore all the new online communities, from eBay to Kazaa to current versions in beta if I get wind of them. (see original)

I also wrote some questions then… that surprisingly remain relevant today. I’ve also pursued them over the course of the passing years.

  • Will Digital Identity accelerate or frustrate the evolution of the web socially and economically?
  • Will the commons reflect abundance and generosity or will competition and rules capture it for the minority?
  • How will consumer values influence the success or failure of different digital identity strategies?

If you have read Unbound Spiral all these years you will know that my passions for Skype, VoIP, Mobility, Mobiles, Blogs, Social Networks, and Communities and conversation remain imbedded in the transition of and centralization of knowledge information with large scale organizations and the power it represents for individual. In the meantime, agile methods, prototyping, API’s and lowered communications costs have all engendered new options for each of us. I also wrote this… at the time 2002. It too remains an underlying theme and appears more prescient today

I’m an optimist for consumers — very interested in changing Consumer Rights. With papers including “The COMsumer Manifesto” on consumers taking control and new markets for our info assets. Beware those that want to steal your digital identity! I think we will be seeing new ways in which we share networks and connect in the future. Who we intereact with may only just become more exciting.

Importantly today I don’t believe any one identity or phone number can adequately represent us. Must of our information is increasingly dispersed unless you are really dedicated to taking some level of control over it. Today I make sure I capture all my tweets. My Tweets form my status updates in Facebook. I effectively don’t trust any site to maintain or protect my information. Just another reason this blog keeps going and I keep feeding information in to it.

I’ve started many other blogs for both communities and organizations. Most famous of these is Skype Journal which I dedicated myself till until Skype sold out to eBay. My contribution to Skype Journal can be found there an in my own category archives (which on occasionally I still add too).

I’ve also developed blogs and templates for others over the years. I’ve contributed to templates, new formats and experimental uses. For the most part these days I stick to WordPress. We’ve also used “blogs” and “Blographies” in work we’ve done with Mosoci. I’m also well aware of methods used for aggregating content and using blog platforms as both content management systems and methods for tracking a presenting information publicly and privately.

Lastly, the POV’s I share on this blog are my own.