Social Networks

Social Networks are just part of my life online. My current preference is Twitter (@stuarthenshall). I feed my Twitter status updates into Facebook which not all my friends like for a conference can quickly swamp them. Twitter is effectively my pipe out for short updates. I also retain a copy of all my Tweets in my blog archives. I use Twitter Tools to capture a daily summary which I exclude from my main page and RSS feed. I also feed Delicious bookmarks into Twitter and capture a daily Delicious summary here when I’m posting there. Those link blogs are no longer Tweeted.

I’ve tried almost every social network out there. I was a very early adopter on Ryze, Tribe and Ecademy. Facebook has effectively superceded those for me. I am on LinkedIn and should pay it a little more attention.I’m not really a fan of sites like I’m also wary of Posterous and Tumblr not for the benefits they provide for lifestreaming. The issue for me is we should control and own our data. Retain it and share it seems smarter.

If you have a network you think I should try out, be aware of etc… Let me know. I’m particularly interested in emerging mobile social networks. Most I believe are a fail. Eg Loopt. However Foursquare is interesting. My bets are still on Twitter if they can implement Geo-Location effectively. So far they are failing. I’ve also been involved with relevant entrepreneurial activities to advance this meme. Eg Twitmart and Phweet, while in the past I have developed Facebook apps.