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More About Me

My current obsessions are social networking tools, social software, blogging, wikis, and a
the revolution taking place around voice communications. My blog illustrates my curiousity for what's new, the ”what ifs?”, and the differences that may make a real difference.

I believe revolutionary changes are happening and how we share knowledge is a key part. It's not just the lessons learned for more collaborative workplaces or enabling information to be free anymore. The current economic transition affects the lives of our children, our civil liberties, our social structures. Change often comes when least expected from ideas and people outside the loop on the edge of chaos. New ways of working aren't in hiding they just aren't
always visible to us. It's still PC to be innovative and yet large companies are seldom very innovative. Organizations need new memes as part of renewal. The best memes bubble up like good champagne.

When running programs the rubbing together of different ideas - creative friction - releasing tacit knowledge really excites me. Time and time again companies debate the context of new technology or investments without the context of values or the assimilation of what if it doesn't quite turn out like we expected. Thinking we have an economy of ideas without values is like having an army without scruples or compassion. Usually it's the customer and the profit line that pays. I've used Future Search, Scenarios, Storytelling, Strategic Intent, Research Insights, Learning Journeys etc. The best programs are designed with the teams wanting to get something done - fast! Cutting timeframes, reducing resources, new connections, changing paradigms, new venues, different methods helps thinking different!

How did I get here?. A trans-national born in England, growing up in California, University in New Zealand, overseas experience in Europe - the Netherlands. A CA (ICANZ) transformed to Consumer Products Marketer first in New York and later down under again. Led an EY strategy practice for a time, then top sales marketing roles for fine foods to beer and coffee. Change agent, turnarounds. FUN! Lot's of brands, new products and great teams. Still branding products wasn't enough... went to retail, brand the whole store from VM to future store design - about the time that the Internet was showing signs of real life. Started working with knowledge communities, intellectual capital and online research innovation. This journey brought me back to the US and the Bay area with GBN and now independent. I've been lucky to have met many very Remarkable People in the last few years. The diversity of their stories has helped my work and perspective.

I find myself helping clients think more deeply about the strategies they are pursuing. It's not the research it's the presearch. It's learning that creates better questions and yet the impact is hard to quantify. So I try out new things, look for different perspectives. I prefer White Boards, Flipcharts, Post-its, Magazines, Mindmaps, Crayons, Clay, Glue, String, Collages Balloons, Noise Makers, Car Tires, participation, collaboration, active listening, learning by doing, rather than reports, presentations or paraded experts. Engaging minds in context together. Stretch that inspires smarter strategies. We know the future is unpredictable, so I’m not the “guru” futurist.

Myblog the UNBOUND SPIRAL, is fragments, really unbound, early stage thinking that may just spiral. It’s a current journey and ongoing discovery. I’m really hoping for feedback, good questions and opportunities to try things out. I tend to explore all the new online communities, from eBay to Kazaa to current versions in beta if I get wind of them. Following these threads at themoment.

  • Will Digital Identity accelerate or frustrate the evolution of the web socially and economically?
  • Will the commons reflect abundance and generosity or will competition and rules capture it for the minority?
  • How will consumer values influence the success or failure of different digital identity strategies?

    I’m an optimist for consumers -- very interested in changing Consumer Rights. With papers including “The COMsumer Manifesto” on consumers taking control and new markets for our info assets. Beware those that want to steal your digital identity!I think we will be seeing new ways in which we share networks and connect in the future. Who we intereact with may only just become more exciting.

    Lets talk and swap stories