Date Presentation Content
May 2002 Network Experience Co DRAFT  Re-thinking NETWORK CAPITAL, now more important than ever.
April 2002 Accelerating Innovation Methods Example  Example of process development to accelerate insight and innovative learning with in an enterprise.
November 2001 Scenarios - tools for strategy  Detailed example of  scenario methods and "active" scenario outputs -- always customised!
May 2001 Food beyond Napster  Even consumer product companies should be re-thinking marketing and branding strategies.
April 2001 Idea Genes Strategic DNA  Considering functionalities for creating idea viruses and creating new corporate DNA
April 2001 Changing Approaches to Strategy  Strategic conversation around inventing new marketspace
March 2001 10 Idea Genes  Knowledge Strategy presentation 10 Idea Genes for 2011
October 2000 eStrategy Workshop Content from workshop on strategy and consumer power delivered around the world.
June 2000 Changing Telco Network Scenario matrix on the evolution of the  telecommunications industry dynamics
May 2000 E-Customers  Early COMsumer related presentation
November 1998 The Knowledge Capital Index Overview of Knowledge Capital and buiilding Knowledge Capital Engines for future wealth creation
May 1998 Network Capital Multiplier Building trust in networks.  Introducing the concept of building Network Capital
February 1998 NCM Scenario Matrix. Scenario Matrix for considering the importance Knowledge Capital

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