Accelerated Learning  

We will train your trainers or create a customized program for you dependent on your requirements. Programs have run around the world. Please contact for further details

Date Program Content
Current Brand Scenarios Workshop


This workshop engages your organization creating new brand options.  It combines Scenarios and Brand Strategy development with best practice materials. Participants experience a collaborative environment and first hand the challenges and rewards of successfully applying this technique.
Current Internal Branding Workshop


Are your employees actively strengthening your brand and building brand equity?  Does your organization really “live the brand”?  Do your best practice programs include internal branding?   

“INTERNAL - BRAND” recognizes that the brand no longer lives with consumers and marketers alone.
Current Introducing Selling with Scenarios  

Selling with Scenarios Workshop

Are you using the power of scenarios as part of your strategic sales solution?  How do you sell-in new concepts to a resistant market?  What tools are you using to manage objections and further build client collaboration and relationships?  Can you quickly bring new concepts alive for clients? 

Customized to Organization

The Scenario Practitioner What does it take to create an ongoing strategic conversation in your organization.  This course will start you on your journey as a Scenario Planner 
Customized to Context


eStrategy How do you accelerate strategic innovation and integration for competitive advantage in an increasingly networked world? How important is it? How do you play for it? Then net is entering another revolutionary phase of development and now is the time for a strategy upgrade
98/99/2000 What does strategic planning mean in your organization.  The purpose of this workshop is to provide planning tools that will enable manager to plan for the future, what at the same time planning and achieving today's performance objectives.


98/99/2000 I What is Intellectual Capital?  What is Knowledge Management?  What are intangible assets? Why is knowledge so important int today's organization? We adress the failure of accounting to predict future performance in the networked knowledge economy.