The COMsumer Manifesto

May 6, 2000

in COMsumers, Digital Identity, Rich Profiles

We, the people who live in an interconnected, on-line, real-time world, declare that:

* We realize that the most important thing we own is information: data about our purchases, our preferences, and ourselves.

* We want instant connections – no delays! – to others in the network via systems which are invisible to us but controlled by us.

* We expect all suppliers to us to recognize the common courtesy of automatically and invisibly providing our information accounts with records of our transactions.

* We insist on free access and maximum transparency in all transactions on the network. This implies the free exchange of open information standards and our involvement in their ongoing development.

* We determine at all times if we participate in the network (“opt-in”) or withdraw (“opt-out”). We will agree to timed commitments for the data aggregation processing and expect that these agreements will be “rolled-over” (say, semi-annually) in normal circumstances.

* In short, permission remains with us. We determine the level and degree of privacy we desire and we will share our data with those we trust.

* We have no desire for data about us to be stored in some remote inaccessible corporate databases which are “mined” for the benefit of the owners rather than ourselves.

* Therefore, we resolve to take ownership of our personal data ourselves and in conjunction with info fund managers maximise the value that can accrue to us.

* We recognise that the number of uses and opportunity grows as the network grows and will tend to infinity.

* Collectively, we realize that all of us have the potential to be better than any one of us in generating new ideas / knowledge.

* We believe that new wealth is created through the collective sharing of our largely tacit knowledge and codifying this with others of like interests into new potential market needs.

* We believe that enormous efficiencies will result when what groups of consumers want is more easily articulated and understood.

* We call ourselves COMsumers and believe in investing our information for the common good of the planet. We will share what it is important to share and keep private those details that might empower outsiders to interfere in the lives of individuals in our community.

As we grow in number so will the wishes and desires of our community. We commit to capturing our collective wish lists of wants, desires and dreams and monitor how these change from time to time. After all, the willingness to dream reflects our desire to make these things come true. This is the best possible hope for our collective future.

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