The Swarm

June 30, 2000

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Is it sharing or stealing? Entertainment moguls may not be able to stop Napster and Gnutella Fred Vogelstein 06/12/2000 U.S. News & World Report

The moment he laid eyes on it, Gene Kan, 23, knew he had stumbled across something big–really big. Hundreds of music tracks were coming up on his computer screen. A program called Gnutella had connected him to thousands of individual computers around the world, and now he and everyone on this spontaneously created network could search one another’s files for songs.

“I realized that this wasn’t about swapping MP3s [music files] but a cool new technology.” It was the basis of a New Age search engine–one that wouldn’t just search for music on people’s computers but would hunt down anything anyone wanted to anonymously share with the outside world,

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