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June 26, 2002

in Brand Futures, Storytelling

It’s not yet over. You can still get to the Group Jazz Chataqua…

How does the example of receiver based learning fit with our discussions so far? Example: In a skyscraper there are many xerox repairers busy fixing the copier on each of the different floors. They are linked together (open communication line) and constantly talking through the repairs they are completing. Most of the time the talk is just noise, yet the other repairers are also absorbing other problems and can offer suggestions / ask questions. This speeds learning across the system.

I’ve often wondered if this works at Old Navy stores? Does anyone know? They all wear the headsets, yet there doesn’t seem to be much chatter going on. Yet here’s a customer service / sales interfacing organization that should learn how to sell faster, train faster etc. It certainly has the opportunity to be more than a neat positioning trick. If so I’d expect more stores to be connected up.

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