October 19, 2002

in Strategic Foresight

This posting is the result of watching Poptech, finding the following blog and then subscribing to it.  That added it to my news list (which will need some editing).  Next step will be to add some navigation bars….. The post and comment….

Total Immersion in Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds – this afternoon’s program features Jordan Pollack and Bruce Damer, and apparently it’s show and tell time.  Pollack shows us a gangly robot that was evolved from software trying to create something.   Damer showed us a virtual world program with weird heads that were actually controlled by real people.  I lack the skills to even attempt to explain what is happening during this session.  

[Ernest Svenson: Poptech 2002

Joe’s piece raised great quesitons about Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence.  Clearly we need to think more about how the artificial world thinks about property.  For what are the implications when a world of replicators (like star trek) can simply pull information out of an “object”?

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