The Sixth Sense

October 29, 2002

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No this is not a review on a movie. Still the techniques could well be used on a movie. “The Sixth Sense” the movie may well be about overturning malovent spirits, — here we are talking of the organizational kind. The kind that leave organizations frozen in their tracks, unable to respond, despite likely intuition to the contrary.

The Sixth Sense Scenarios

I’ve been waiting to read Kee’s new book “The Sixth Sense” for awhile. After his bible on “Scenarios” his new read is a welcome follow-up. Taking us beyond “Scenarios” ( a brilliant practitioners guide), here we have a book with much broader appeal, practical suggestions and examples. While the emphasis is on bringing strategy and organizational development together the real meat is in a subtle conceptual shift.

To accelerate learning, requires Scenarios that inspire a ruthless curiosity about emergent possibilites. In this book practical suggestions for getting the organization involved are presented. No longer can a scenario process be hit with “Who cares? They are only Scenarios!” By creating a learning agenda, scenarios are brought out of the back room and into everyday exchanges. Where they should be.

Thus reframed scenarios are freed to go beyond testing the mental models of managment. The strategic conversation becomes enabling, simulations, conceptual prototyping, adding new creativity and insight. In this way Scenarios become central to creating and leading more adaptive enterprizes into the future. Adoption means — no more business as usual, and what could be more important in these uncertain times.

If you have an interst in scenarios you should read this book. .

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