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October 31, 2002

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Info pours into my e-mail daily, magazines into my mailbox and there are few other forms of media I am not confronted with. Some of this is useful. Some is thoughtprovoking, and some stimulates new thinking and ideas. Sometimes weeks later, in a meeting I remember facts, require quick points of reference. Often I know roughly when and where it was. Usually I can find it. Still it could be easier. It may have been printed out, downloaded, saved to a file folder — really who knows. There is so much it is all rather chaotic really.

So why blog? For me the blog looks like a better way of making use of my notes, refering to links and capturing my story. Here’s my business lifestream. At least the public parts of it. When David Gelertner published his piece on Lifestreams (checkout Edge too) it made great sense to me. Fundamentally, he says:”A “lifestream” organizes information not as a file cabinet does but roughly as a mind does.” Hmmm not sure this is really welcome to my mind. Still the blog is the first opportunity to really start linking my thoughts in a real-time lifestream to a broader “as yet unknown” community.

This is important. For it is often the links you don’t know you have that pay the biggest dividends. Some of you may have read my paper on COMsumers. I put it on the back burner. AND YES!!!! I have a couple methods for how decentralized groups of consumers could be motivated to seemlessly accelerate the sharing of profile information. Still that is another story. The point here is Bloggers are sharing aspects of their profiles and information they didn’t know they had. The intangibles currently hidden in blogging communities have enormous potential for growth. If you have paid any attention to Napster, Kazaa, eBay or Messaging systems, you may agree with my thoughts on how these communities are learning faster. Participating now… is part of testing my own hypothesis. Nothing like Prototyping to the future.

Back to the basics. I’ve often observed friends who keep a business diary, noting every meeting and what transpired. Clearly they work chronologically, but fail even when ring bound to capture all the related information, which loose usually falls out and gets lost. With a blog as I link I grow the value of what I capture. With time a story or many stories may emerge. Reflections may later take me back on new and updated journeys.

Let’s face it. In the collaborative economy of today it is more important to give information and thoughts away. It cost’s me nothing and I may get noticed and generate significant new and unexpected returns. I hope for “generative relationships” that help me grow with those that want to acclerate innovation and strategy development in their organization. I’ll be happy to actually receive comments and suggestions. I can’t know where to look if I don’t know where I should be looking.

Thus my first objective is almost now complete. That was install Moveabletype, set up a basic structure and get it running. The rest can follow

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