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November 13, 2002

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Author, programmer, tech analyst and future open source entrepreneur David Duval is worth following.

I think he is playing with more than words when today’s blognovel picks up the theme below. Is this about SPACES or is the context just paraphased here?

“You close your eyes, open them again, and nothing will ever be the same. It might not be obvious at first. It might not even be obvious later. But it’s still there, that newfound feeling of uncertainty, of something lost, and something found, only you don’t know what it means yet. ” PlanB

Maybe I will have to read his serial. There are at least three threads here. David Duval – interesting person, PlanB- his blognovel and lastly the software application Spaces. Take some time and follow the links.

THREAD ONE: David lists his research interests as “self-organizing and wireless networks, complexity theory, dynamical systems, and molecular nanotechnology among others……. Other than that, he’s clearly a good bloke who knows where to find an Irish pint!

THREAD TWO: His blognovel runs on the serial concept. StoryTelling opportunities, serial, case studies etc. There are many applications here and some new opportunities. For more proof that there is a bigger debate around blogging opportunties see Slashdot. Enjoy the FAQ
Stories usually have a strong element of time built into them, just like a weblog. A weblog, however, is a story where the beginning changes every day: what we see is the last element that was posted. Follow this link to PlanB’s description.

THREAD THREE: DynamicObjects has just lauched an alpha PIM. It is naturally object oriented. I sense the objectives again to create a more collaborative space. Perhaps today we have the answer in the making to yesterday’s PLAXO. David writes: “… spaces is qualitatively different. It shares many features with standard email/PIM software like Evolution or Outlook. However, its abstractions over information management are designed to simplify organization and access to information and for collaboration from the ground up. Along with the simplicity of its user interface, these elements will not only make spaces a better PIM, they will also allow it to be an ideal tool for collaboration between individuals and small groups….

……Using self-organizing P2P technologies, there will be no need for servers. Having designed the interface for collaboration from the ground up, there will be no need for five different programs that always do things differently and need a subpoena to talk to each other. The FAQ contains more information on what features are available now and the schedule for additional features.

To this layman… that sounds pretty good.

Then there is the final story of how I got this post. It goes like this. I was again searching MoveableType. Looking for answers. For the first time I noted that MT actually has a list on their home page of recently update MT sites. (I have paid my donation and no I haven’t solved my automated ping yet). I clicked on an interested name… Orbitalworks and noted the link to spaces. Captured by Names and a good hour of reading. Hope I’ve simplified the places to look

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