Spiraling Creativity

November 14, 2002

in Spirals

The Great Big Idea Guideand a couple of quick thoughts from Doug Hall. I liked it and yet lament. Spirals aren’t mentioned.

Of course what we want our products to spiral with success. The GBI list is a great beginning, yet smacks of boundaries. It will take more than coffee. The staircase is more than a story!

I leave you with quotes about spirals. Of which I add there are plenty. Let me have your favorites.

“If you are inside of something, say an atom, you only see electrons whirling chaotically around you. If you moved outside the atom you would see those electrons moving with a pattern around the atom. If you rise further above you see that atoms are actually the building blocks of larger structures called molecules. And so it goes, on up the scale, ad infinitum. The ever familiar ‘forest from the trees’ syndrome. It’s all a matter of perspective. True creativity is allowing yourself to gain the loftiest perspective you can in relation to the object of your quandary or inquiry.”

Enchanted Mind – Creative Chaos

Big Top ~ Spiral

In ascending the spiral stairway of life each new level is at right angles to the one below. Each shift in consciousness demands an alternation of perspective and a reorientation towards life. Just as the seed determines the unfolding of the tree, so within each human life a similar blueprint is contained in the double spiraling DNA molecule.”

“Calling symbols “the stuff both of feeling and of knowledge,” Lawrence Blair characterizes spirals as more than the timeless symbols of eternity which we find scrawled or woven throughout our earliest mythology; . . . Spirals are the actual “shape” of fluid energy evolving order from chaos, and are found even in the anatomy of our own biological inheritance–the spiraling nucleic acids in the DNA molecule.”

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