November 15, 2002

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Articles About Blogging; Anti-Blog Article; Books About Blogging. All in all getting broader recognition than I thought. The last year has been big for blogs. The next year will be bigger.

Sourced from Cynthia Typaldos who wrote 12 Principles of Collaborationa piece I really enjoyed a few years back. She also runs a yahoo group called webcommunities . where I picked up the links below. Running a search on webcommunites provided an interesting list. Will have to talk to Cynthia next week.

Still I wish the post had been blogged! Then I could have just linked it or forwarded it as news. Still I’ve spent the time and formated it for blogdom. However the real reason is I have a few friends to convert. Out of which I believe something interesting will emerge.

Articles About Blogging
The Blogging Revolution
Blog Nation
Weblogs Make the Web Work for You
Use the blog, Luke

Anti-Blog Article
Secret CIO: Beware The Blog In Your Company’s Future

More Articles

Living Reflections : All about blogs
GOOGLE media blogging articles

Essential Blogging Books About Blogging none of which I’ve read. A quick search and knowing who the authors are points to the Oreilly book Essential Blogging as probably the one to choose. However I’m not buying it. The discussion groups and real-time blog players are moving too fast. We Blog

We Blog, ISBN 0764549626
Blog On, ISBN 0072227125
Blogging, ISBN 0735712999
[Essential Blogging], ISBN 0596003889
The Weblog Handbook, ISBN 073820756X
Weve Got Blog, ISBN 0738207411

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