Collective Some

November 21, 2002

in General Interest

CollectiveSome is the odd-sounding name for something I’d argue is pretty important. It’s the idea that applying a group’s perspectives, preconceptions and blind-spots to a problem at hand yields something quite remarkably different than anything any *one* person could.” Tom Portante.

Tom! Rather gratifying to see you here after coffee just two days ago. There is more to this story than will ever be posted here. not sure where the linking will take us. It is the right thing to do. I can’t think of a better method today to accelerate my own “creative friction” points and thus illustrate how it streams “discovery capital”.

And it works. I’ve filled my head with links (a selection) this morning. Looking for methods and ways that change the game. Discovery Capital leads to market changing concepts, and that’s what leads to value creation. The CollectiveSome, the Unbound Spiral, what ever we call it the need is here now the capability to provide it perhaps closer than we think.

Then Tom posts on Beyond Certainty this am. I know I have to write another piece. “Radical Strategy Innovation”

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