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November 21, 2002

in Knowledge Innovation

collectiveSome Thank’s Tom!

“Stuart Henshall ( deserves credit for this idea. I take credit for retyping it and adding a few minor tweaks (as well as trying to find a market-y sounding name for the service/process.

How can our companies discover opportunities faster than our competitors? How can we be more perceptive about future difficulties? How can our organizations’ leaders become better connected, build new relationships and stay on the cutting edge of learning?

Some of the answers come from new directions. In the last few years we’ve seen organizations tout the value of ‘upstream scanning’ activities. And we have seen bottom-line (albeit seemingly short-lived) implications of the “Napster-iztion” of customers: a world where communities of customers learn faster than traditional companies.

But other answers are suggested in something terribly old.

As a leader who wants to remain ahead, you know the biggest surprises come from the edges of perception — rarely from where you’re directing your focus. As that old adage goes, it’s what you don’t know you don’t know that help you — and hurt you — the most.

DiscoveryCapital is a service that puts you in touch with ideas and questions outside your daily comfort zone and frame of reference. Explore the edges of new ideas with others who embrace the idea of searching out the new, the different. As a subscriber to DiscoveryCapital you will find yourself in an extended focus group with an emergent agenda controlled by the participants.

DiscoveryCaplital is an online networks 1000

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