Human Clone

November 27, 2002

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The first human clone. When? Used to be a question I would ask. Just to get people thinking, out and beyond their day to day realm. A question that always received stong responses and thoughtful questions. Till now! The answer was usually no! I would answer with…would you tell? Now there could be a seach to find the oldest human clone.

Last night on TV news, an Italian doctor (Dr. Severino Antinori) announced the cloning of the first human. Details were scanty, the baby due in January. Many links in Google news today. It is not clear who did it or in which geographic location. Ultimately, hoax or not it won’t matter.

There are so many issue here. Ethics, timing – why now?, protecting the unborn, scientific progress, etc. There is of course no proof. Still it is a signal, an early warning signal of more to come. So where’s the medical venue, who supplied the equipment, the drugs? There is an industry at risk here and it may not be glossed over in the US like genetically engineered corn.

It’s immature science – playing with matches, and good or bad a fire is burning. So what will my children be learning next in biology? How will this be incorporated and frame their global views? Will they see it differently? Is it simply time to upgrade the operating system? Let’s hope they are smarter than this doctor and his hidden associates!

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