Broadband media distribution

December 9, 2002

in Knowledge Innovation

How intense is the debate around sharing content online? Are sharers pirates? What types of models might get us out of this mess? TIVO and Listen are doing things that may enable things to work. EFF has a different perspective.

Panel consist of: Cory Doctorow EFF, Sean Ryan Listen, Morgan Guenther TIVO

Great meaty discussion. Unedited notes/ comments of speakers and audience.

CD… Entertainment battles trace right back to 1908 and piano roles. battle continues to this day. Today new fight around fcc DTV they can shut down analog spectrum and then sell it! The broadcast flag, is clear. The broadcasting industry have said unless there is some copyright material they will withhold the release of digital content. They have asked for a broadcast flag. Compliant chip, is a fragile measure, check for response for the bit. Hollywood has asked to restrict everything that come in contact. Anticompetitive practice. Summary reps from all the industries that this was a good idea. The tech co’s that agreed had the solutions. So they signed on. Dissenters —- did see any complaints. Now at the FCC, what do you mean a regulatory regime for commodity hardware. First piece is the broadcast flag. Second is blocking the analog outputs all will have to have a cop mark. Step three is the Darknet whitepaper. The network of computers that continues find ways around all this stuff. The solution is redesign the internet; so every packet is checked for infrin gement. Why is it that technologists coming out against?

Sean Ryan Listen: Started as a directory of common music. They had built a way to find music. “Hard to be a Label apologist!” Laughter!.. Last two years developing a compelling service. Proprietary streams. And adding greater portability, though all systems. 95% of a broadband company. Doesn’t offer the unlimited portability. Our crowd doesn’t want to burn and get music in their life. Free is better. Access and rediscover and not just the hot stuff you get from target, but the small, lost almost forgotten stuff. Legitimate license service. Music industry is becoming more flexible. Think they can create a compelling service. Excited about digital medial.

Tivo. 36% of audience has TIVO. “TIVO thinks I’m Gay!” Focused on three things. Execution, marketing and financial cash generating, changed etc. have to have. 2) transition from a straight consumer acquisition model, now going to licenses etc that enable it to be pervasive. DVR’s will be in 40′-50% of home in 5 years. Third innovation still in core area – system software and at the applications – where we really bring value. Business model focused on consumers 12.95 per month. less that 1% churn 500 k customers. Other applications, file serve TV etc everything on the home network. Advertising, the death of the 60billion dollar industry. Real estate in the living room, secure distribution of content is there…. 7 hours of TV per day. What do you want to do there? With the space? With the living room? Will meet an inflection point. content distribution, sharing, moving content to other devices, withint the home. Taken an industry approach. Knew it was a disruptive technology.

KW… Why doesn’t Sean’s story ring true? CD — Music industry spent millions to develop a Princeton Professor, can talk about math. Every DRM vendor will tell you that real pirates can just continue to.. THe DRM solutions are controlling private performance. Restricting the uses in your own home. DVD… region system.


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