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December 9, 2002

in Knowledge Innovation

Nice intro to this session by Jeremy Allaire (Macromedia). Looking at my notes. This was probably the best session of the day. From a consumer perspective the most important. WE NEED AN IDENTITY SYSTEM WAS THE CONCLUSIONS.

Karl Jacob was most impressive. His P2P Spam busting company Cloudmark (brand??) currently has 230k users. However more than anyone all day he put the case for consumers. From the internet forcing us to doing it our way to good examples re Amazon profiles, and the likes of Classmates. A clear evangelist. In a P2P world solutions to questions emerge from the network.

I rather like the opportuntiy for his business. A a spam buster he is involved in real-time trust evaluation. With an emergent community that can eliminate spam he’ll have an opportunity to also link the magic mailbox, phone number and e-mail. The community that emerges could well aggregate other powers as a result. Interestingly there was a chaordic comment from the floor. Whether Cloudmark makes it or not. It’s worth watching.

Notes – speaker comments:

Jeremy Allaire Macromedia:

Three broad trends
1. Rich clients and the transformation of the user experience particularly on client side
Look at it from x years ago. As a document publishing environment. The container for applications and content haven

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