Supernova Day Two

December 10, 2002

in Knowledge Innovation

Kicking off Day Two, room 80% full and still filling, looks like the majority have returned.

KW: Infrastructure is the starting point for a revolution. Unfortuantely Clay Shirky who is always entertaining isn’t here. Dan Gilmour (a reporter) is going to present on Journalism. How is the Business of Journalism Changing?

Dan presented a view for “we media”. Journalists are apparently learning the lesson all marketers do. The customer probably knows more and they may well check out the facts.

He sent us on a couple of missions – One story linking to Max Croyden who was quoted as a 15 year old but turns out to be 23. Max blogged from his phone. Quite a fuss made about it. Now just need a good discussion around phone camerad. They will have more impact.

Mitch Radcliffe asked Dan about ethics and an interesting discusion ensued. Apparently bloggers were paid by Microsoft to go to earlier conferences. sure Doc Searles will have the facts.

Notes from Dan’s talk.

Dan Gillmor’s Journalism 3.1b4

The exponential view of change is not changing. Old view of new media was refreshing the CNN homepage. This convergence then was superceded as “we media” became more clear in the aftermath of September 11th. Weblogs and personal media became vital. In the following days Dave Farbers newslist (get on it) next day we get the e-mail exchanges including international exchanges. Then we have something that bubbles up… Afgan letter, first as an e-mail then blogs, etc… on to national news.

New tools. Anyone can publish. The old for is like a lecture, the new form is more conversational. It’s something more perhaps more like a seminar. Journalists of the future – Sherpa Guildes”? The people out there are now part of the discussion — can now check the facts.

It’s true for all journalists. New foundation principle. “My readers know more than I do.” “The blog has helped my dead tree journalism.”

Look up Max Croyden a 15 years old??? who blogged Supernova via phone yesterday. Apprarently great insights on a music conference. Check also Joi Ito’s blog on moblogging. Next time in Tokyo moblogging will send the pictures through before the news feeds can ever get to it. Then journalists may get it!

Dan’s paper will be put on line. We shall see.

Interesting audience development in terms of the ethics of disclosure raised by Mitch Radcliffe. What is the role with bloggers, and disclosure? Example exists on web around recent conference

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