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December 10, 2002

in Knowledge Innovation

Sergey Brin turned this into a wonderfully frank conversation. It’s no wonder they are killing (killed) all the other search engines. Their strategic intent is clear.

KW What is google?

The truth is that it is a search engine coming out of Stanford plus hacks on. Not a lot of strategic reasons. Eg Googles groups. One engineer just got excited and put together. That’s the way things happen. There is a search component to almost everything we do.

KW What’s your sense of how you got to where you are today? Google is essential. Not the first. What is it?

It’s a surprise to me how much people rely on Google. Larry & I use search a lot. We had a frustration, continue to be involved and want great search for ourselves. Bring our user empathy to the fore. Unlike some of our competitors who have moved from their calling. Presume he means Yahoo.

Gooogle API came about — to make it easier to use in applications. Now there are thousands of applications out ther using it. Now we have registered users for screen scrapers etc?

The web API is no business model. Currently limit the number of queries. Fundamentally want to see what people develop. Example Plagiarism detection. An app submitted and then checks to see if this document already existed. Then there is a spell check plug in. All done with Google.

MC How and if I sort on images…. Will Google associate images with…. the way people write is not the way people read. Can you make the technology better, what is this image really about. Finding pictures because no key words attached to them. In other object structures, … Usually some text that discusses the image. There will be an easier time to start finding them.

DW… Will Google always be centralized? Google for the desktop? The pricey client currently $25000 and up. Google for Desktop — want to be able to search from everywhere. It depends on how you do it! Technical challenges…

By taking the Google API can then index the blog etc. Is it recentcy issue. Freshness issue. May be a larger problem. CD too much GOOGLE juice. What about more frequent updates. What would the the adoption be.. Consensus it would be widely adopted. Weblogs… Link.

Suicide searches. Example of the responsibility that must stay with the searchers. Will be sites out there where rankings changes. More important that the right information is there. Sometimes we show tests. Repeat user tests.

We want to index as much as possible. Data behind certain sorts of databases where the info isn’t quite available, or simply not online. Want to bring it there.

DI How is Eric Schmidt doing? SG He went to Burning Man! Great cultural fit. Hang out together. More co’s should look at the cultural fit and make sure you find someone that really melds there.

CD Does anyone at Google think about how the world is reorganizing / rebuilidng itself around the GOOGLE?

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