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December 10, 2002

in Knowledge Innovation

From web services to distributed infastructure. Panel consisting of Brent Sleeper a consultant, Anne Thomas Manes (Author) Christian Gheorgh and Dick Hardt (Active State) who is doing interesting stuff (more later I hope).

Opening question for the panel. What does web services mean?

AM terrible name… middleware technologies.. it is application to application technology. XML is required. Protocols etc up to you. Reason you do it is to make things work together.

CG Marketing – When as web services, what is the impact of quality of the experience? Is it working for different touchpoints. What needs to happen in the context of one’s interaction? Seems out of place

DH Web services is first a big a dream and the second is the manifestation of what is actually out there. Unfortuantely more limited. All real uses of Web Services are in the Enterprise. Probably not true either.

Less clear now what they all mean than before!

Interesting floor comments around Amazon and Technorati: They are looking at web services for an ongoing service. If any part breaks then there is no back-up. Larger social issue as web services develop when it becomes almost a utility. How do we make sure it is robust. How do we get reliability?

The focus of this session seems to be breaking down. Web services appears to have been a lousy definition for a number of years. Presume but don’t know if people other than IT – Tech really want to know how to use these tools in integration environments. Falling into technical definitions. Can’t I get an auto plug-in?

Rohit Khare — In what one way should we believe that this web service will play out. — Web services plumbing alone is not viable enough to change the software market.

Majors see opportunities around integrations. Thus MS and IBM are creating a position for it. Exciting when personal data get’s in the cloud. The Hailstorm example. “stuff in the cloud” is the vision. Yet the room talks about plumbing. Stuff in the clouds is not a vision that consumers can act on. I’ve noted this speak in Radio. The cloud is not something we look forward too. Funny really, hear clouds…. think rain. Should consumers act on this? Note, check up on WSRP WSIA? Allow people to consume web services dynamically from a browser.

Not a highlight

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