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December 15, 2002

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Last week at Supernova, there was some discussion on who blogs – male or female, and the demographics. Doc Searls also asked the question in his Saturaday blog. Fact is no one knows. However one set of facts can be cleared up. Live and Dead journals include 945,000 users that have updated with over 250,000 updating in the last seven days.

Are they guys or gal? Despite the names, both services are predominantly female. 65% at LJ and almost 75% at DJ. DJ skews slightly younger than LJ pulling stronger against 15-16 year olds while LJ peaks around 17-20 year olds. I’m sure addionatal data exists:

Live Journal Statistics

Dead Journal Statistics

The parallels in statistical data access reflects that both DJ and LJ use the same back end which is open sourced. These sites provide useful functionality that is not available in blogger, Radio, or Moveable type. In particular, the profiling capability and the community of friends listings. It’s the profiling that provides the statistics. Possibly a profile system like blogroll could enable improved statistics access for all who participate. You could spread it virally.

Whether industry or backend, “blogging” needs better statistics for the community and for the operators that are trying to make it a business. There is an opportunity for Weblogs here. I presume feeds can be extracted off Weblogs pretty easily to match the LJ/DJ data.

Additionally, many of the blogging organizations provide useful forums – for example: LiveJournal Business Forum Similarly MT and Radio have discussion forums. These are great places to learn what the customer wants and how they differ. However I have a suspicion that few in the forums go looking cross-forums / platform. Perhaps they should.

Additional Data:

Live Journal:
Male: 213719 (36.3%)
Female: 374294 (63.7%)
Unspecified: 139876

Dead Journal
Male: 63754 (25.5%)
Female: 186091 (74.5%)
Unspecified: 53382

Live Journal
Total users: 815360
Users that have ever updated: 674785
Users updating in last 30 days: 295826
Users updating in last 7 days: 211814
Users updating in past 24 hours: 85891

Dead Journal
Total users: 364589
Users that have ever updated: 270856
Users updating in last 30 days: 63752
Users updating in last 7 days: 40677
Users updating in past 24 hours: 15689

Live Journal : Free Account: 757287 (93.2%)
Early Adopter: 14294 (1.8%)
Paid Account: 38977 (4.8%)
Permanent Account: 1228 (0.2%)

Bully Magazine – Jackass Journalism, or Friends Don’t Let Friends Start Blogs, or Who Needs John Ashcroft When We’ve Got Livejournal.com?

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