Meshing KM Thoughts

December 16, 2002

in Knowledge Innovation

Sharing Knowledge – Respecting Culture I’ve keep checking up on Tom’s blogging experiment. Combine what Peter says below with Tom’s thoughts:

We learned how terribly crucial it is to remember that people bring a lot of their behaviour, their assumptions, and their needs to ‘new things.’ Bringing new technologies to people is easy. The delightful challenge is making sure those technologies mesh with how people really do things, how they interact, how they learn —

Peter Merholz made a nice Supernova observation after John Parkinson referenced burning through $1b in collaborative tools and KM that failed to live up to promises.

His post is similar to David Isenberg’s thrusts… Why Stupid is Still Smart” which updated his original paper “Stupid Networks”. My argument then as it would be now…. Can

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