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December 30, 2002

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Two quotes recently forwarded to me, by names I don’t know lead me on two interesting journeys. The first is about time. Time provided an important theme for his plays. The second is more spiritual in nature and plays to different rules for time while leading me to an interesting set of lectures.

“We do not go round a circle (of existence). That is an illusion, just as the cycling of the planets and the stars is an illusion. We move along a spiral track. It is not quite the same journey from the cradle to the grave each time. Sometimes the differences are small. Sometimes they are very important. We must set out each time on the same road but along that road we have a choice of adventures.”
J. B Priestley, I Have Been Here Before

Priestley wrote three time plays around passing time, a time for slowing down of experience for contemplation, and a time for speeding up creative and imaginative. Priestley made people thing about how time passes, whether slowly or quickly. He believed there were many dimensions to time. Including our clock time, passing time. perhaps a fifth dimension, enduring time, in which anything that has happened goes on happening. These ideas of time fed into his idea of Eternity: “Eternity is not unending time. It is outside time. It involves another dimension of things. If we think of time as a line, then eternity is a plane. Life in time is existence along the one way train from the cradle to the grave. Eternal life is always a new and heightened experience of the here and now…all moments of noble living, the ecstasy of love, the compassion and understanding that enter into every genuine personal relationship. All demand the unknown dimension, this timeless being.” We can be sure his perspective was not framed by internet time or real-time!

Little in his perspective was framed by the “energy of time” or by today’s networks. The network of time. Thus my attraction to the second quote and the link to the lectures above by his wife Eva Perrikos.

“When streams of energy are drawn together, they superimpose in a spiral, which is the fundamental shape of creative activity: witness the structure of galaxies and cyclones, cells and crystals. The spiral form of orgone movement is visible in human auras and in a blue envelope around the earth…”
John Pierrakos.

This spiral reflect a more spiritual path to life’s energy, healing and spirituality. Here there is a different sense of time. Perhaps it is also more rewarding?

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