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January 6, 2003

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Access to hotlists like Napster and Kazaa accelerate my learning about music. When downloading one track I often check the users hotlist. It stands to reason, if they have one song I like they will likely have others that interest me. The same thing is happening with blogrolling, and as a result I am making new connections seeing new sources for material and meeting new friends. Though the strategy with blogging connections is not always the same. Where in music… I would just highlight all the tracks and let them flow onto my disk drive — when looking at anothers blogroll list I’m interested in those that are different to mine. (Except I would like to be able to share my Kazaa index! like an Amazon wishlist)

And this is where the blog is different to RYZE a community for business networking. In Ryze (see below) I can join tribes and list friends. Makes me wonder… Is there a point where the numbers, content, reputations, and readers suggest that S & J & B should blog together? The semi-smart mob blog is already here. Be neat to know where new conversations are being sparked.

Do I need an interactive blogrolling list? One that presents and learns from interactions with visitors and my visits to other sites. When I add someone to my blogroll, it means I’m learning from them, want to stay current with their thinking. My current list is small. I can currently only sort it on those that are recently updated. If we use the Tipping Point (book insights) then I should expect to have a list of about 150. Most of us would say that’s too long to be useful at least at a glance. May as well be random without some metrics and linking suggestions to make it more useful. Focused list options and personalised matching would prove interesting. If Ryze is worth $10 per month then so is this.

I took a complementary step today by finally joining Ryze and surfing around in this emerging community for business networking. My page, and the initial tribe Blogs & Bloggers that via Ross Mayfield provided the incentive to go the extra step. I really would like to see the statistics, just like they show on Live Journal

For some additional KM links see The KMconnection Knowledge Management Product Guide – REV 1.6, December 11, 2002. KM Forums Collecting and ‘annealing’ the important KM watering holes. This page is part of KmWiki. Started by DenhamGrey

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