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January 9, 2003

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The emergence of RZYE is more important than it may seem at first glance. It is not just another networking – community.

It’s much more… it is the early emergence of an outpouring of human profiles. Ryze is a demonstration of social capital building in action. These distinctly human identities are emergent, chaotic, and uncontrolled. And there are good sound business and personal reasons for being there.

This is a sharp contrast to “structured” standards based profiling in the crm – digital id discussion. At RYZE we see the beginnings of a human outpouring — people increasingly willing to share. Here individuals are building their profiles, searching, learning, revamping and adding to their profiles. It is another SMART MOB, and still just a baby.

RYZE is a step beyon Match – HotorNot etc.. the dating sites are relatively structured, however key words are effectively open. RYZE demonstrates this to me even more clearly. Search on “Digital Identity”, search on “Identity”. Then try “donuts”. I added both of these to my interests this morning. If you are a gold member you can search that way too. I suggest you join even if it is only to have the experience. Thus a new interest provides new touch points new avenues for contact, both inbound and outbound.

It feels right thinking about these as “human profiles” not “digital machine profiles”. They have a voice, emotions, and their owners interpretation. Just writing this… I know I have more to do on mine! Over time our RYZE profiles may be augmented by “knowledge profiles” (explicit capture of transactions) they may also have “time profiles” effectively element are “lifestream profiles” (borrowing from Gelerntner). It is the “tacit piece” that makes them so attractive to us as individuals. What we don’t know about ourselves we can hope to learn though others. Crashing profiles together releases tacit knowledge, leads to creativity.

RYZE is breaking data boundaries. Members are currently giving away information freely about themselves and yet retain ownership. You can’t reach me without my contact details. Problems, report to the community, simply block the sender. I don’t know the total number on RYZE, did try to estimate and factor it. Search on USA, see the number returned… etc. What I know is the community can use that info to become smarter. better at using categories… eg most popular etc… The metrics on RYZE need to be more transparent.

As RYZE grows the capabilty to provide useful community information will grow exponentially. Events may come to include research, results are posted by the research leader, Network-tribes form.Monitoring RYZE even seeding interests (like donuts) if you are a member may result in learnings. At a minimum one person had that interest at a moment in time. Similarly social Action groups are possible. Or Buying groups. Some may want to buy a new Honda Element by recording it as an interest which becomes seachable…. As a car dealer you still can’t market to them as a group. Yet we know there may be value in creating offers against such research. This becomes the subject of another post.

At the moment these human profiles are given away free and broad access is denied. A marketer can’t spam on RZYE. Individual approaches only. Just like the postal service before the advent of stamps and marketing.

In a RYZE world, we can e-mail, chat, make new connections, personalize our businees connections more transparently and comfortably than we do today. That’s attractive and it needs nurturing.

That’s where RYZE is breaking new boundaries. Introducing business networking in an environment and context that appears safer and protected. Not only does it enable the linking to friends of friends it provides the opportunity to constantly play with your profile. That gaming is clearly interesting in the Personals, I bet it is addictive in business networking too. It will also highlight new areas of demand!


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