January 9, 2003

in COMsumers

RYZE illustrates that human profiles are built on learning, with chaotic connections, that are constantly changing.

When you become a Ryze member the profiles are free to search. Just like many other matching sites. The profiles provide many ways to improve your message, obtain feedback and simply learn by watching others. It a site for business networking.

Imagine now RYZE as a community in the hundred of millions, with a postal system — franked e-mail for all those not in my contact list. Like COMsumer POST you pay me to send me e-mail. At the individual level the cost is negligible — just like a few postage stamps. What’s more if those members get a return message they are reimbursed for their interest… even if it is just courtesy to say thanks.

Now you are a business who may want to reach millions. You search on RYZE, find great profile matches, but you will not know their e-mails. So you experiment with different levels of postage (how granular the profile for success?) paying for access to the mailboxes. The mailer is also identified by the TDMA protocol and qualified that it has the postage to go though.

That would be the traditional marketers view. The meta-mediariary would make it their business to seed / search out interests, then based on search – research results know how to aggregate demand. Demand aggregation within this cooperative community could be both consumer led, perhaps even with digital agents. My guess is consumers will express an interest… buying a specific type of car and then an aggregation agent system will emerge.

I’d note this may not happen on RYZE. It appears commercial, it’s not open source – yet and the founder / directors may have ideas about what is appropriate? Making them the post office innovators is probably not yet on their agenda.

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