January 9, 2003

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Suggestion. Use TDMA an open source protocol along with a postal charging mechanism to control and incent the development of inbound digital mail and eliminate SPAM. Putting a cost on digital mail will make marketers more efficient and selective. It will also create a market when you pay consumers for more detailed information.

After my COMsumer POST blog on Tuesday; Mitch Radcliffe blogged a segment of my post (ah for an editor!) and the discussion that followed was very helpful to me. His objections my para-phrasing was one I have heard before. People won’t give up their current e-mail addresses to do this. There are a great many problems with ISP’s and you can’t fiddle with how it currently works.

The discussion led to looking at TDMA. TDMA works on the basis of whitelists.

” The way TMDA thwarts incoming junk-mail is simple yet extremely effective. You maintain a “whitelist” of trusted contacts which are allowed directly into your mailbox. Messages from unknown senders are held in a pending queue until they respond to a confirmation request sent by TMDA. Once they respond to the confirmation, their original message is deemed legitimate and is delivered to you. Updating your whitelist insures they won’t have to confirm future messages. TMDA can even be configured to automatically whitelist confirmed senders. To see what the confirmation process looks like, send me a test message, and then reply to the confirmation request.

This methodology has the advantage of being very selective about what it allows in, while at the same time permitting legitimate, but previously unknown senders to reach you……”

TDMA is not alone in developing a whitelist approach. See Bruce Simpson’s September thougths. Kevin Werbach also wrote Death by Spam in November. TDMA may be the only open source choice however.

So consider. Is it possible to use TDMA as part of a spam-killing postal system? You know add a postal metering / franking system link it to my paypal account, which means I’m verified to get my digital post. Then if you can also insure that everything is encrypted as it goes each way? I’m assuming it is P2P, and that I will adopt a standardised or recommended rate card.

Then I’m not only getting money for receiving post and making the planet a better place, I also know the commission I pay to the service (like VISA) is adding to the security and integrity of the overall system.

This solution alone doesn’t answer the pressing business issue. How can I improve my returns on direct mail beyond just going digital? For marketers require profiles — data. TDMA with a payment system can improve inbound effiencies with verified accounts – addresses. The same system can work in the reverse, when consumers create profiles of real value.

The very same consumers can enable whitelist profile sharing in exchange for postal access.

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