Emerging Collaborative Filters

January 21, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

How we share and exchange information is accelerating rapidly. From music to digital photos to more recently how we are obtaining and reading our news. Similarly new forms of spam control are emerging. Here’s another slant on how we are filtering out the chaff.

Clay Shirky’s latest piece:” is on distributed systems and collaborative filtering. In particular, it concerns what sort of system would have to exist to alter the ecosystem of music in the way earlier forms of internet publishing have altered the ecosystem of the written word.”

then later in the article:

“This is all part of the Big Flip in publishing generally, where the old notion of “filter, then publish” is giving way to “publish, then filter.” There is no need for Slashdot’s or Kuro5hin’s owners to sort the good posts from the bad in advance, no need for Blogdex or Daypop to pressure people not to post drivel, because lightweight filters applied after the fact work better at large scale than paying editors to enforce minimum quality in advance. A side-effect of the Big Flip is that the division between amateur and professional turns into a spectrum, giving us a world where unpaid writers are discussed side-by-side with New York Times columnists.”

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