Serious Play Network

January 21, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

When is play serious? And when should play remain “just curious”? We know the expression “curiosity killed the cat”. Well curiosity certainly captured this one.

I’ve been checking out all the new online communities from Ryze to Ecademy stopping at Buddynet and Friendster in beta. You know playing… what if I do this. At Ryze early in the piece I checked out tribes – now networks. Guess what, you go one page too far and there is no going back. The title alone “Serious Play” secured some members. Today I had to start defining what it is all about. One day maybe the group will write it properly. I’m hoping this group can bring innovative challenges to the Ryze community.

As a brief comment comparing the various approaches. At the moment IMHO Ryze wins hands down, it’s simply more human, more personal, and easier to get started. There are important lessons here for organizations, IM systems, Digital Idenities etc. Think about joining.

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