Aggregating Consumer Radar

January 23, 2003

in COMsumers

Further thought on Doc Searls latest post. Let’s not forget the power in this scenario that customers can aggregate their radars! It only takes one consumer to be monitoring for a deal for all in the vicinity to be notified. Similarly consumer radars can be tuned to each other. Perhaps this is what you envisage.

“What we DO want from both identity and relationship management, as customers, is control over passive and active sonar on both sides of our relationships: who we’re willing to have following us around, for example, and who we’re not. Also who we’re willing to follow as well.”

and finishes with:

This prospect must scare the crap out of companies that are highly attached to such Tier 3 activities as market surveillance (excuse me, research), advertising, direct mail and various forms of nonrelationships with customers.

Look at the online retail sales vs catalogs over this last Christmas. Direct Mail needs a digital solution and quick!

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