Gray Matter Update

January 31, 2003

in general

Awesome summary post on Ross Mayfields blog — Blogmap: Friendship/Time

“The January sample of, the first project to map and analyze the social network of an online community over time, is here — revealing signs of creeping decentralization.

The maps below are of the Friendships of core of the Blog Network as measured by confirmed relationships within Ryze. Pete Kaminski helped with the data collection. Here is Valids Krebs’ analysis:”

They can also be found on RYZE; see blogs and bloggers

Towards the end of this post they draw a parallel between RYZE and FOAF (friend of a friend) Both approaches are really redefining profiles. Human Profiles! Ones we personally touch. This new gray matter will create new social structures. I used this term in an e-mail and have thought about it since. Seems appropriate to think about this form of collaborative sharing as “Gray Matter”. Will this emerging thread encourage new forms of human collaboration vs the economic competition for information?

I’ve literally spent two days pretty much round RYZE. From invites to outlining articles. The blog space cross-over provide many opportunities.

See my updated RYZE page

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