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February 1, 2003

in General Interest

From Smart Mobs –The latest issue of the Economist on-line includes a series of articles on the future of the internet. Essays address privacy, always-on connectivity, intellectual property, surveillance, and cyberculture development through social norms.

On privacy the Economist:
“That may be the wrong conclusion. Instead, privacy is likely to become one of the most contentious and troublesome issues in western politics. There will be constant arguments about what trade-offs to make between privacy on the one hand and security, economic efficiency and convenience on the other. Most people are repelled by the idea of near-constant surveillance, but they either find it difficult to believe that it will really happen, or they do not know how to stop it.”

Strikes me that the Economist whose home is the most “big brother” watching society of them all is missing some emerging trends. We should fear the dark side in many of these articles. Let’s hope they explore new collaborative technologies in more detail in their next survey.

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