Building Ryze Personal Networks:

February 4, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

I just returned from MENG’s (Marketing Executives Networking Group) San Francisco chapter monthly meeting.

There were the usual meeting components, a quick share round the room, – 15 years, 19 years 26 years and more – experience. These are all senior marketers, who have held top marketing jobs. Truly fantastic experience from consumer products to enterprise software, all looking for ways to network, secure new jobs, find a way to talk to a recruiter etc. Then there is the reality of a tough job market. Some want leads for consulting, some are really hoping for a new permanent position. Some VC interest. Some are beginning, some are jaded.

We hear the common strategies, about networking, getting to recruiters, always a different slant on the resume. Storytelling, elevator pitches. From headhunter to counselor. We know that many jobs are found though connections. Someone that knows someone. Often when and where we aren

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