February 5, 2003

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Another great linking post from Mitch RatcliffeBlog: Business, Technology & Investing Follow the links in his blog.

I, me, mine
Jon Udell has charted the relationships between one’s identity, groups and devices in a simple layout that describes many of the challenges of user experience design. Marc Canter adds his riff:
Jon’s right. Whether it be by yourself, or with a group of people, conversing, intercting publishing, communicating, listening, watching, playing – EVERYTHING – all activity first and foremost starts with YOURSELF. YOUR Identity.

Not to be shrill, but it is all about individual power. Any corporate-defined system becomes confining, like being shut inside a focus group forever.

This was the post that pushed me to re-register an idea that a colleague and I registered back in 1999. We never worked out quite how to use it then. We dreamt it up one afternoon while damming Amzaon’s purchase circles concept at the time. It lapsed. I just renewed it! It’s powerful. Remember the childs words…. usually 2 or 3 years old….. where they say “You are not the boss of me!”. Well just possibly IOWNME could work a little harder on behalf of your identity. Now maybe that’s something to hang a concept or two on!

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