What are Friends?

February 6, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

Picked up from <href=”http://radio.weblogs.com/0114726/”>Ross Mayfield’s Weblog</a>. Click though Book Blog for the real flavor.

Digital insecurity and group-forming. Kellan, Snowdeal, deus_x, and raster write about digital insecurity — the anxiety you feel about asking a colleague to be your “friend” or “contact” on Ryze and similar systems. The reason is that there is no context for asking. The question doesn’t correspond to a social form in real life. [<b><a href=”http://alevin.com/weblog/archives/000938.html”>BookBlog</a></b>]

Yep it’s a real issue. I’ve added <b><a href=”http://alevin.com/weblog/”>Adina Levin </a></b>to my blogroll.

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