Planetwork Exploratorium

February 7, 2003

in General Interest

Planetwork consortium. Last night I attended their session at the Exploratorium. Was led by Jim Fournier. We had a chance for networking and then speakers made brief presentations. Enough to stimulate more networking afterwards. These are brief notes.

Tom Munnecke of Giving Space. His project is using the ontology of the uplift. used the phrase “The Missing Nothing” like it. They have a small grant and are working towards “A Global Day of Uplift” on September 12.

Sam Hunting, will awe you with his passion for topic map systems and implementations. He wakes every morning knowing that what lasts and endures are things that are beautiful. He works with beautiful data structures, “Topic Maps“. “Not everything we can talk about can be loaded into a computer”, “people together because they ahve things they want to exchange”. Topics are proxies for subjects and GOOGLE just doesn’t go there! Apparently 6 approaches in beta, 3 open source.

Next up is a lady whose name I’ve missed. She’s using the phrase “DIGNIFIED” online communities. I think this is a wonderful word and thought. Is a lack of “Dignity” in the online work holding back participation?

Victor Grey is sharing his upcoming upgrade the FriendlyFavors permission engine. Afterwards I learn it’s not his fulltime job. Here’s yet another developing an identity system without real funding. Seems like something is wrong here.

The Social Capital Network is introduced by David Boyd. He’s developing methodologies for accounting that address “Social Value”. How do we measure the impact of a grant? Often the accounting systems are almost non-existant. As I listen I can’t help wondering whether these are the measures that will enable a more innovative – creative society.

Eugene Kim Blue Oxen had a great line for thinking about what keeps him going all day. “the less dumb metric” — Everyday… am I less dumb? He’s working on research within the open source community trying to research “patterns of collaboration” and spoke about “Science of Collaboratories“. One to watch!

That wasn’t all, networking continued and I have further leads and correspondence to run down. Well worth going.

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